The Harlequin Pops!

by / Tuesday, 16 September 2014 / Published in Latest posts

The Australian Made challenge had Chris & Jenna from The Block Glasshouse making a beeline to Home Concepts as they are familiar with the fact that we specialise in quality locally made furniture pieces.


They had been eyeing the York Road Sofa from the beginning and had tagged it for their living room. The York Road Sofa is the ultimate in comfort and made in Melbourne, so it definitely suited their brief of Australian Made.


They also chose the Olinda armchair which they did not end up using and possibly cost them a place in the challenge.



Unfortunately Chris & Jenna did not place in the challenge and were not able to keep the York Road Sofa, so back to the drawing board for their living room reveal. They were given words of advice by Shaynna Blaze, to not be afraid to use colour. So heeding that advice, the result was the Harlequin Sofa.


The Harlequin sofa upholstered in Liam Kingfisher added that colour that Shaynna Blaze had discussed with them. A modern twist on a retro styled sofa, the Harlequin, made in Melbourne, really made a statement in their living room and added that texture and colour they were looking for.




For those who have caught the restyling bug from watching all those room reveals on The Block Glasshouse and are looking for pieces to freshen the living spaces, Home Concepts is welcoming Spring with a 20% off our entire range Spring Sale. So feel free to browse our range online or visit us in the showroom for great ideas.