Custom Made Sofa: Add luxury to your Living Room

by / Wednesday, 05 December 2018 / Published in Latest posts

What is the most important furniture item in any household is a question often asked. Without doubt it is your sofa! This piece of furniture needs to be long lasting and of high quality. This is why we at Home concepts actively promote our Custom made sofas in Melbourne to our clientele. Our sofas are of the highest quality and are guaranteed structurally for up to 15 years. It is very important when shopping for a quality sofa to know what materials are used in the frame construction. We pride ourselves in using only Australian solid timbers for the frames and either no sag steel springs for the suspension system or high quality black cat webbing. Either of these support the seat cushions appropriately, making your new sofa structurally reliable for many years to come. Our custom sofas also come in a variety of seating options. We have our very popular feather wrap seats that involve the use of high quality foam by Dunlop with a no sag warranty and a thick and plush layer of feathers that is wrapped around the foam. The back cushions are also filled with a feather fibre mix that makes them soft. This combination gives you the luxury of soft seating comfort from your sofa without the need of high maintenance.

Another option on our custom made sofas are latex wrap around the seat foam. This is a unique process available only through Home concepts. The latex is guaranteed to maintain its softness and not sag for 15 or more years. The fabric options for our custom sofas are also endless. We use fabrics from many reputable companies like Warwick, Mocum, Zepel, Charles Parsons and others. Our experienced staff are always happy to help you select the right model sofa and fabric for your home. If needed we can also customize the dimensions of many of our sofas and alter the design of the arms or legs to create your own unique custom sofa.

So when you are ready to look for you new sofa why not visit us at our store and find a model that suits your home.


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