Add a designer element to your bathroom

by / Friday, 15 August 2014 / Published in Latest posts

I was recently chatting with a friend about her bathroom renovation and she wanted advice on how she could utilise an area in the bathroom that was empty space. I suggested that she use a side table or two as bathroom stools just to add a pop of colour as well as adding a decorative element to the space.

The Tripod round side table offers exactly that, a great splash of colour as well as a great designer element.

The diverse functionality of these side tables makes them a great addition to any living space, whilst adding an element of colour without being permanent. Check them out at


Shannon & Simon had the same idea when they chose the Echo Flower side table for their first bathroom reveal. It added a rich copper accent to a neutral palette whilst also providing a designer element to a very simple but stylish bathroom. Well done boys and thank you for choosing to shop with us.